Fighting for Your Rights

Running To Represent Texas House District 51


Representing the Austin, Texas Community

I am Robert Reynolds for Texas House District 51, and I would like to share my goals with you if I am given the chance to serve Austin, Texas. I hope you take the time to get to know me and my platforms for this coming election.

Austin Place 5

Amplifying Austin’s Voice

My ultimate goal is to be the voice for my neighbors, family, and every member of the Austin community. I especially want to voice the concerns of the working class, who have not been listened to at the state level.

Austin is the home where we work and live. I want to represent our community by bringing our interests and concerns to the government and standing for them. We will achieve amazing things if there is a voice that represents the true Austin Community.

Veteran Support

As an army veteran, I live out the many challenges veterans face after being discharged from the military. I hope to create a support system for the men and women who continue to dedicate their lives to safeguarding this nation and preserving democracy.

Veteran Soldier

Let Your Voice Be Heard

I am calling for your support in this coming election. With your vote, I will do what it takes to make our concerns heard in the House District. Get to know me and my platforms as a political candidate by viewing the current work I do within our community.