Fighting for Veterans

Our veterans have earned the right to adequate medical care, mental health services, job placement, and affordable housing. Veterans experience homelessness at a rate far greater than the general population and also have double the suicide rate of civilians. When Robert is elected, Robert will work with state agencies to make sure that veterans have the resources and support that they need.

Fighting for Education

Robert believes that public schools are the foundation of our neighborhoods, our communities, and that how we teach our children and how we treat our children is critical to our future. Investing in public education is good for Texans. Robert will defend our public schools by working to provide staff, students, and parents the resources they need to be successful.

Fighting for Health Care

Robert believes everyone should have insurance and access to quality affordable health care. Robert will fight for lower prescription cost affordable access to the basic healthcare, and protect women’s right to access health care to make decisions with their own doctors. Robert will ensure women can afford access to health services, such as cervical and breast cancer screenings and well-woman exams.


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