My Experience With Community-Level Work

I am Robert Reynolds for Texas House District 51, and I would like to share my community involvement in Austin, Texas.

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More About Me

I am a citizen who wants to play my part in creating change in our community. As a resident of Austin, I understand and live through similar struggles and systemic issues that you experience. This drives me to help create better systems to ease our problems.

One of the main platforms of my political campaign is to make sure that our first responders are adequately funded and given essential resources and proper training. This is an effort that will ensure our community’s security.

Supporting Our Community

As an army veteran, I continue to be active in supporting the men and women who tirelessly defend our democracy and security. Efforts I am a part of include my volunteer work at The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) American Legion.

I have also started a charity to help veterans and worked with various nonprofit organizations. I specifically work on projects that aim to strengthen our first responders.

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My Goal Is To Be the Voice

For my neighbors, my family, and community and those friends I haven't met yet. I feel the working class has not had a voice in the government in a long time.  Austin is a special place, where I work and live in the community, we're able to achieve amazing things if there is a voice that represents the true Austin Community.

Putting the Work in for Austin

I have taken an active role within my community for years and am ready to represent Austin in the House District with your support. I hope you can open your hearts to supporting these continued efforts through monetary donations.