The Political Initiatives I Stand and Fight For

I am Robert Reynolds for Texas House District 51, and I would like to share the various ongoing efforts that I am pushing for our community in Austin, Texas.

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Lower Property Taxes

Robert believes that the citizens in our community are the most important. Texas has the seventh highest property tax rate in the country, driving our neighbors and families out of their homes. Robert supports using more state funds for public education to lower property taxes.

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Support Public Schools

The Families in Texas deserve the best education possible, including proper funding and additional resources for our teachers.
Robert will work closely with public schools to involve businesses in supporting education. In the Texas legislature, Robert will continue his commitment to Texas students and families to help his fellow legislators increase education funding and prevent the siphoning of so much of our local school funds away.

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Public Safety

Robert will make sure our families and community are safe, and a secure community is one of his top priorities, That’s why he proactively supported initiatives to strengthen our first responders and stand with both police officers and firefighters. Robert will make sure we fund the police and give our first responders the resources and training they need to fight crime.


Our Veterans

As army veteran Robert knows veterans face many challenges when they leave the military. Robert supports the men and women who have dedicated, and are still currently dedicating, their lives to safeguarding this nation and preserving democracy.